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RE: Show Your Crazy Battle! WIN 5 K DEC!

in Splinterlandslast year

Thanks @clove71 for the contest, my entry would be this battle below:

Coming into the battle, I discovered that my opponent was in Champion I league while I was in Champion III league, the opponent had over 1000 point ahead of me.

Secondly, after selecting our monsters and they cam out for battle, I discovered that he used the Legendary fire summoner, that I must say was scary, as I had no chance against the opponent.

As the battle progressed I saw that there was light at the end of the tunnel, it looked like I was going to win but then I started getting missed hit on Goblin Shaman, I don't know why that was happening but must say I was glad when the final blow took it out. Lol.


Nice battle! :-)