Is Splinterlands Too Complicated For My Daughter?

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I recently purchased the Summoner's Spellbook on Splinterlands to check out the game and see if my daughter could get it.

Splinterlands, Will The @KidSisters Like It?

You Never Know If You Don't Try

     At the advice of @faustofraser, I decided to take a tour of to see if it was something I thought the Srey-Yuu (our oldest daughter) could get into, understand, and maybe even earn a little crypto too.

Summoner's Spellbook


     From previous research, I knew I'd have to spend some money to be able to play the game. It seemed the Summoner's Spellbook was a $10.00 hurdle, but that wasn't too intimidating considering the cards are tradable, and I can understand the need to "have skin in the game" to prevent potential abuse of the rewards, monetization, etc.

Playing Without Research

click picture to watcch battle

     My main goal was to try and play this game without reading the instructions, just seeing if I could figure it out on the fly. Srey-Yuu is a non-native English-speaker, so a lot of the rules, lore, and game vocabulary will be much too difficult for her to learn in a short amount of time. I clicked on "Battle" as it looked like the most appealing button, and I was right into the action.

     It seemed similar to "Magic the Gathering", something I played as a kid many, many years ago, so I assumed their would be a lot of gameplay strategy. Fortunately, for my daughter the battles are automated, so all the gamer has to do is organize a "battle crew" or whatever the correct term is. These automated battles will certainly make teaching this game a little easier.

A Khmer Princess For My Khmer Daughter


     With the purchase I received a bunch of random cards. I browsed through them quickly and a found a particular card that caught my eye, the "Khmer Princess." I found this to be so bizarre, as the only Khmers on Hive are my family and a friend we onboarded that has since gone inactive.

     To see a Hive Blockchain game with a Khmer character was quite satisfying, and I'm sure it will be of interest to the @KidSisters. After all, they are likely the first Khmer owners of the Splinterlands Khmer Princess card. Seeing this card alone has made want to at least give this game a change with our daughter.

A Learning Experience

     Ultimately, if it's engaging she may enjoy a little bit of Splinterlands gaming, of course provided homework and all other responsibilities are fulfilled first. There is a lot of reading to do to understand the lore, card attributes, rules, etc.

     I am sure with my ESL teaching background that I can make it interesting and fun for her to learn all the vocabulary words associated with the game. This weekend I may give her a chance to explore the Splinterlands-overse and see what she thinks of it.

     I can she's gotten a bit bored with Hive posting, and a little change is always good. Perhaps a little blockchain gaming is just what she needs to change her perspective about Hive. It's not just for old farts like me.


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Monkey B



I was about to ask what you had decided, sounds great! Yesterday I bought Leila a summoners chest so she can start too. Now we have two fast learners in the game...this will get interesting :)

Thanks for the cards on @KidSisters behalf. They still haven't seen them yet, but I will be sure to let her know who sent them when she logs in. !ENGAGE 20

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So cool that you got your daughter a spellbook and even a Khmer Princess. Even cooler that she is Khmer herself. Let us know how she likes the game after giving it some time.



My mistake, the Khmer Princess was part of the Summoner's Chest, not a card I my daughter truly owns. However, @faustofraser sent her a Khmer Princess, therefore making this post "true" again. !ENGAGE 20

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 last month (edited)

Hehe. I gave up Splinterlands for now.
I couldn't understand it. :-)
Maybe I'll try it later. :-(
For now I'm crazy on Minecraft. :-). just in creative mode.
Because I don't like much to see animals killed. :-(
I'm sure Srey-Yuu will understand it.
Edited ( I failed the couldn't )

I will have to learn Splinterlands along with her so I can help her with it. I just hope it's a positive influence, and maybe it will even give her some posting content too. !ENGAGE 20

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my sons 8 and plays the @joshuam account. goes through phases for him between Splinterlands and other stuff ie minecraft.

one thing that is constant, is he wants all the cards i have. lol

Well, luckily I won't be partaking in Splinterlands myself, so I won't have that issue. I do hope I don't regret this decision though. I am still waiting to show it to her. She's gotta step up to the plate a bit with household chores and other things first. !ENGAGE 15

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How did Srey Yuu like the game so far? My eldest, 11 is playing the @divinekids account. I told him once a day only, but these days it reduced to 2-3 times a week. Just to finish the quest. He loves the game and has started "trading" cards too. haha

It's hit and miss so far. There is a lot of reading and learning to do fully understand how it all works. It would be an overwhelming task even for native-English speaking kiddo, but of course there is parental guidance and help.

I'm also trying to limit it to quests, etc. Once a day only to fulfill quests, and I hope she will learn how to post about her progress in the game too. Time will tell, she definitely likes the fact there is a Khmer Princess in the game. !ENGAGE 25

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