Ancient Lich - Legendary Splinterlands Card (Reward Edition) - Welcome to the Deck

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Ancient Lich

Welcome to the Deck
Legendary Splinterlands Card (Reward Edition)

Recently I completed a daily quest and was awarded some loot chests. Upon opening the chests, to my surprise, I received my first Ancient Lich.. This is a legendary card from the Death Splinter. It's a 7 MANA card that has a 3 point Magic attack, 3 hearts of health and a 1 point speed (at level 1). Ancient Lich has the Life-Leech ability, which increases it's health in proportion to the damage it does to the enemy. This is my 4th Legendary card in the Death Splinter, as you can see in the deck below.

My Legendary Splinterlands Cards:


See You on The Battlefield!



Thanks For Reading!

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I haven’t played for a bit. I need to start earning some of the new cards.


Thanks! I'm slowly creepin' up into the Diamond Leagues.

That is an awesome card!! Congrats! An upvote from Splinterlands is on the way!

Thanks a lot @clove71! I really appreciate it

Congrats on an awesome new Legendary card! ~@clove71