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For this week's Battle Share Contest Organised by the SplinterLands Team; details can be found @ Weekly Splinterlands Battle Share:: For this week challenge, we have Earth Element Monster who is named as CHILD OF THE FOREST - Is he CHILD or is he is monster; needs to be explored, winning or losing battles using CHILD OF THE FOREST; share your strategy around how a player uses the card i.e. its placing position in the battlefield and how often you use the card and at what level it works the best for you.


In this blog post; I'll be discussing some of the high-level pointers like::-

  • CHILD OF THE FOREST Monster card level discussion, stats and how I am stack with the monster card CHILD OF THE FOREST
  • Gameplay & Strategy discussed in detailed
  • Battle Results & How Often I use this earth element card CHILD OF THE FOREST
  • A Final Note to keep things simple; simplicity is the one that is admired by most people & I'm one of them that likes to keep things clear and simple.

So how I'm stacked with CHILD OF THE FOREST Monster? Here is the snapshot of the FIVE cards that I've of this monster.


First thing first; combining these FIVE cards...


After combining these FIVE cards, I was able to upgrade the card to level 2. With some extra DECs in hand, I thought of buying this Child monster from the market. I had close to 360 DECs and it got me another 4 Cards which I combined. But was still short of another 5 Cards to reach at level 3.


I was targeting to at least upgrade this monster CHILD card to level 3. As with level 3, I could have got an extra range attack i.e. range attack of 2. But falling short of DECs, didn't allow me to do so and hence have left this card to be upgraded at a later point of time in the near future.

Talking a bit about of Ability of the card. So at level 2, I'll be able to explore the SNIPE ability and from level 5 onwards; where you need to combine 40 Cards of this CHILD MONSTER to get another ability added which is SNARE.


SNARE ability in simple words removes the flying and miss ability from the monsters having the Flying abilities.

Now that we know about the card and how I'm stacked up with it. Lets Battle As



So it was a 30 MANA CAP Battle with two rules. The first one weak magic and Rise of the common monsters.

Considering that I need to use the Earth element to explore the CHILD OF THE FOREST monster my strategy in this battle was to take up the healing monsters. As this should help overcome the low level stats or the card that I've of this monster at level 2

Here is the LINE-UP of my Monster Cards::-



Game Plan & Strategy Discussion::

Flesh Golem needs no introduction. At level 7; I get the healing and Void ability and with ENCHANTED PIXIE Inspire ability all my melle monsters get an extra Melle damage so this makes my **GOLEM ** stronger with 4 Melle attack damage and hence making this monster the first ONE to get into the battle.

MUSHROOM SEER to follow;

The next one to follow was MUSHROOM SEER; the card that I've at max level which is 8. This is one of my favorite cards and why should it be your favorite when its at the max level. Loves its poison ability, which is kind of double damage to your opponent's monster at the starting of a new round.

ENCHANTED PIXIE was there to inspire all the Melle Attack monster. I know the magic attack here in this kind of battle rule isn't appropriate but my intention was to inspire my GOLEM monster and hence the answer was to bring ENCHANTED PIXIE to the battlefield.

It would be nice to explore how the rest of the monster played out. Especially check out CYCLOPS getting into action with its STUN ability. And finally the EARTH ELEMENTAL the magical tree slowly doing the damage and being able to heal itself.

Rest is history and I'll keep it for you to explore in the Replay Match. So overall the strategy did work out well and here is the result:: A Clear WINNER getting me 15+ points and +21 DECs the In-game currency.


Watch the Battle HERE


This is for the first time that I explored this CHILD monster card. And was quite amazed with its speed which is 5 that's simply amazing. Moving forward I plan to use this monster card frequently and will be looking out for the opportunities to level this card to at least level 5 so that I get to explore the SNARE ability.

A pro-tip, that I can give about this card that its a Low MANA Card. And you know what that SplinterLand pro players love low mana cards and on top of that they try to get them at max level as fast as they can.

A Final Note to keep things simple; Tell me in One Word Should I include CHILD OF THE FOREST in my card collection?

The simple and straight forward answer is a BIG YES. Considering if you have the required DECs or HIVE, I would recommend you to upgrade this card to level 5 for sure. With its snipe & snare ability, this CHILD monster becomes a Beast monster. So if you want this CHILD monster to grow to BEAST then level-up this card to level 5...

Coming Soon:: - Playing LIVE Battle with CHILD OF THE FOREST - LIVE Strategy Discussion In the Battle Feild..

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@gungunkrishu, I am missing Steemmonsters game. Enjoy this Contest Series and stay blessed.

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You have amazing cards, nice battle and powerful strategy.