KRETCH TALLEVOR giveaway - Comment to win!

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All you have to do to participate in this giveaway is comment:

  • Include your Splinterlands username
  • @tag someone you know who might be interested in joining
  • What rule set do you prefer using KRETCH TALLEVOR

When the post is 7 days old, a winner will be randomly chosen between all the comments, but beware: replies don't count.

You know what I like about KRETCH TALLEVOR? It's a very cheap for an epic summoner. Right now, you spend less than $15 in total to get him to max level! The second cheapest maxed summoner is over $30 if I'm not mistaken. Using stronger cards is really important, because even commons eventually grow powerful. That's why KRETCH TALLEVOR is the best bet for any newbie.

Results are in: @blackheart1 won this!


I really am collecting this one now for myself and want to level it up. I have no real dragon summoner and this one I might be able to level for lvl 6 common mobs


I got lucky with the gold selena but I have no higher level dragon one

That Selena looks gorgeous! Are you sure you want to level him up instead of maxing daria? She's so far ahead already. You could concentrate on Onyx Sentinel instead. Today I finished maxing mine. I had 19 bcx from rewards, while the rest were purchased since they've been much cheaper.

PS: If you want to participate, please tag someone else, tell us what rule set you'd use him on the most and write down the account where you want to receive in case you win.

@revisesociology might be interested in this, I know he plays
I would just use him as my main dragon for now or in low mana fights.
I forgot daria allows me to play up to lvl7 since she is epic... thanks for the reminder
If I would win It would be on @felander

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tagging @maxer27
I still don't have KRETCH TALLEVOR in my collection, so I can only guess that it would be useful in a Dragon quest with a "low mana" or an "earthquake" ruleset

Earthquake is a pretty good guess! I like how you're thinking.

Don't know anyone here on hive. My friends are on that lame facebook, so i'm going to tag my other alternative account, @seaweedking
Lols. I guess its against the rules.
Anyways, i am new in splinterlands so i still dont have KRETCH TALLEVOR in my collection. If i have it, i would probably use it in low mana rule since it have a 3 mana body. I would also use it with the rule that disable the ability of the summoners (sorry, dont the name of that rule. Im quite a noob).

In game name: seaweedking

It's okay. You're participating. :)


I querer @yonilkar

He querer @gatolector

Tell us what rule set you'd use him on the most!

Silenced summoners very useful.

for you

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Hmmm.. after checking out this card, I think it will help me in Earthquake mode where dragon splinter cards which usually have flight ability will come in handy. Since it can be leveled up faster compared to other epic summoners, the cards in other splinters that require a higher level of summoner can be put to use too. Also, I have only one dragon splinter card which costs 4 mana. So this will be really useful as it costs 3 mana like all my other summoners.

You win!

@acheeach cool giveaway

He's best at Silenced Summoners ruleset & no legendaries allowed else Camila will be better although much more expensive :)

  • chaoxwinx

Thanks for the giveaway Joys! I will tag @geneticshuffling

I like using him in silenced summoner ruleset because it already doesn;t give any buff/debuffs. It is also cheaper than most dragon summoners.

I love KRETCH TALLEVOR for it's 3 mana cost. I think this cheap drgon summoner is really handy on silenced summoner ruleset where you can access dragon cards on the same mana cost as of a beta rare summoner.

I am collecting the rewards so that I can combine one day.

Will tag @sayee .

I'll tag @clove71
I don't use him often but like to use it when I'm completing my dragon quest and silenced summoner ruleset. Hope to upgrade him soon so that he becomes more useful to me.

I am in

Include in your comment:

  • your Splinterlands username
  • what rule set do you prefer using KRETCH TALLEVOR
  • @tag someone you know who might be interested in joining


My user is ariesnomu
I tag to @rubillo15
Useful for silenced summoner ruleset