Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge - Peaceful Giant

Hey folks 😁 Graham here.

Welcome to another Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge. Here is the original post if you want to enter a battle yourselves.

This week we have another monster I have not encountered before the Peaceful Giant. He looks like a cool character to me. Very chilled.

Peaceful Giant.png

There have always been stories of Giants in the Splinterlands, but recently they began to arrive. They bring tales of a home far across the water that they had to flee from a terrible threat. Luckily, these refugee Giants mean no harm to the Splinterlands. Most of them arrived by swimming across the entire Outer Ocean.

The stats for this monster are quite interesting as this beta edition common monster has no attack capabilities and zero abilities! He does have loads of health making him a great shield to stick up the front to take a beating while the other monsters destroy from behind.


I decided to buy a level 4 card to get this gentle unarmed tank more health 😀


Battle Line Up + Strategy

Summoner - Chanseus The Great with the Repair and Resurrect abilities makes him hard to beat and also my favorite card.

1st Place - Peaceful Giant will act as a shield while the rear decimates the opponents monsters.

2nd Place - Armorsmith to back up my tank with the Repair ability.

3rd Place - Sandworm with Sneak attack and massive 5 hit points will pick of the enemy from the rear.

4th Place - Feral Cat who also has the Sneak ability.

5th Place - Furious Chicken always at the rear laying down there life to take the hit from the enemies sneak attack

Sadly I am having problems with my connection and I am unable to upload any more pics!! I will continue anyway.

Battle Review

At the start of round my 1 Feral Cat attacks Centaur with sneak attack. for 1 hit point and Centaur then attacks and kills my Furious Chicken.

My summoner Chanseus the Great steps in and uses the Resurrect ability to bring Furious Chicken back from the dead and she is even more furious...!!!

Sadly this is rather short lived as Elven Cutthroat then kills Furious Chicken again!! She performed admirably taking two deaths for the team!

Fire Beetle takes a shot at Peaceful Giant but barely makes a dent and Sandworm then kills Centaur with its massive 5 hit points.

Round 2 begins great with Feral Cat killing Elven Cutthroat and Sandworm killing Centaur!

Sadly Kobold Miner then destroys Feral Cat and the opponent's tank Giant Roc attacks Peaceful Giant for 2 hit points.

In round 3 Sandworm wipes out Kobold Miner and Giant Roc kills my Peaceful Giant. Sad but inevitable!

Round 4 starts with Armorsmith taking a shot at Giant Roc only to be killed when it retaliates.

Sandworm continues to decimate the opposition in the 5th round by destroying Giant Roc and then goes on to win the battle in the 6th round by killing Pit Ogre.

This was a really great battle that I found quite exciting and I am happy to discover a great new monster which I will definitely use again up front with the same strategy 😀

Winning Battle

Peace, G.

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