Burning the house down with Scavenge, no litterally!

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Hello everyone,

One thing I love about Splinterlands is that it’s highly strategic. A lot of people are hoping for a live draw system one day but I rather enjoy playing these short battles as they are low commitment and there is a lot you can see by looking at what lineup an adversary chose over the last 5 battles. Sometimes, they only have one strong deck out of all the Splinters, others, you can tell they really like to use magic etc.

The daily quest forced me out of my comfort zone and into my newly upgraded Earth summoner, Lyanna Natura which is now level 3.

I won this one thanks to a strategy involving both War Chaang and The Gelatinous Cube in order to prevail against the dreaded Prince of the Seas. It came really close and one miss would have made the difference but none of it would have mattered had I burned the house down.

That’s right, you heard me!
I almost did, trying to show off to you guys!
You can see it in the video:

Our little strategy pointers for low to mid level players are:

  1. Gelatinous cube is good with weak monsters in first and second position, especially if you are expecting Blast, not only does scavenge benefit from enemy monsters dying but also your own.
  2. War Chaang is good against sneak as it has both high HP and retaliate which should make quick work of low HP sneak monsters.
  3. People who use Prince of the Seas use it often so you can strategize around that with just a quick look at your opponent’s recent teams.

Thanks for dropping by,


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