Splinterlands Season Rewwards no more 150 Chest on this account

in Splinterlandslast month

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So the season ended a few days ago and I made some videos of the rewards that I got. This is the last time I can make it to champion 3 for a bit. I have 320k power. I have a few teams with level 5 summoner and a few with level 6 I am going to work on getting one to 7 and the 5's to 5 so that maybe I can move up a bit. It is going to take purring my rewards into the game on this account. This is an alt account I made for a friend and I have a super cool hope. To tell him in a few years his hive account is worth 10k or more. Make him owe me lunch forever haha.

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This is a great 3Speak Splinterlands community video! It's very informative, you go over all the different ways to play Splinterlands other than just battling! Great cards, loved it! An upvote is on the way from Splinterlands!

Thank you for that.

Nice video! Please leave your affiliate link in the post so others on the HIVE blockchain will see it and use your link! Great job! ~ @clove71