Splinterlands | Is the Serpent of the Flame the Best Fire Splinter Tank?

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The Serpent of the Flame is one of those cards that often goes unused especially in my deck. The mostly to do with the fact that my Fire splinter is probably the weakest in my collection.

Also, I tend to use the Fire splinter when I am battling in a low mana ruleset.

However, that doesn't mean the Serpent is a weakling.


The retaliate, poison and piercing abilities make the Serpent quite useful as a tank - both at the front and at the back.

Equally, the health and shield are an added advantage.

Serpent of the Flame

serpent of the flame.jpg

Rarity: EPIC
Element: FIRE
ABILITIES: Retaliate at level 1; Poison at level 3; Piercing at level 5

Battle Ruleset

This being a low mana battle, as usual, I defaulted to my reliable Fire splinter. Thankfully, magic abilities had been turned off which made me all the more comfortable.

On the other hand, the summoners had been silenced so I had to rely on ability boosts from the monsters instead.

ss and lm.jpg

The strategy, therefore, was for me to do as much damage as I could early on in the match.

The Serpent of the Flame's poison ability would be beneficial in weakening my opponent.

The lvl 6 speed would also be useful in evading most melee attacks giving the Serpent of the Flame longevity in the battle.


Battle Link: https://steemmonsters.com/?p=battle&id=9dbcd6947d09fd0fb1310f5245a315cfcd22f242
Mana Cap: 19
Rules: Silenced Summoners and Lost Magic.

1: Serpent of the Flame

The Serpent of the Flame takes the tank position in this battle.

I would have gone with Cerberus for his healing but without shields he would have been vulnerable to heavy hitters.

The level 6 speed is incredibly useful in dodging attacks. That combined with the retaliate and poison ability means you always have the opportunity to cause health damage to the enemy monsters each round.

2: Flame Monkey

The Monkey is a utility monster.

Since this battle did not involve magic, that meant that shield would be important in maintaining the health of the Serpent of the Flame.

Also, the fact that he is a Mana 1 monster, having him in your lineup only adds to your chances of winning the battle.

3: Serpentine Spy

Monsters with opportunity are a must have.

They will go after tank healers who often have low health. In this case, he was very useful in eliminating the Crustacean healer on the enemy team which was sustaining the enemy tank.

4: Elven Cutthroat

This monster is fantastic for low man battles. Sometimes winning a battle depends on where you attack first.

The weakest areas of most lineups is always the back.

That is where the sneak ability comes in.

5: Kobold Miner

Just like Elven Cutthroat, the Kobold Miner is effective in eliminating the rear enemy monsters.

Since I couldn't take advantage of Malrick's +1 melee boost on account of the Silenced Summoners ruleset, I combined both to maximize sneak damage.

6: Creeping Ooze

Finally, the Creeping Ooze.

In most battles the first to do max damage always wins.

With the Creeping Ooze, the slow ability allowed me to attack first which gave me a massive advantage in this battle.


I often use Cerberus as my tank. That has not served me very well hence why I rarely use the Fire splinter.

The Serpent of the Flame is much more formidable as a tank especially when paired with a healer and a Flame Monkey.

The Serpent is also much cheaper than Cerberus on the market so getting one should be relatively easy.

The ability to evade attacks sometimes is the better attribute over healing. That was the case in this battle which enabled the Serpent of the Flame to survive attacks from the enemy's Sea Monster.

That in turn helped me win this battle. I will definitely be applying this monster in future battles possibly even as a rear attack because of the retaliate ability.


Interesting I often do the same thing for low mana battles and had the same thoughts with Cerberus and The Serpent of the flame. I haven't leveled it up yet so I think that is the next order when I get more cards.

It is cheap at the moment. I bought my level 4 for only $4.

That compared with Cerberus who can be eliminated in the first round by heavy hitters the serpent of the flame will dodge or retaliate and have the chance of poisoning.

I definitely think it is better.

I really like this Battle Challenge post. Serpent of the Flame can be a really powerful card, especially when magic is deactivated.



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