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Opportunity is a great skill, it is one of those skills that seems to be broken because it is such an unbalancing factor, the cards with this property are able to attack the enemy with less life of the opposing team regardless of their position or ours, making the first enemy casualties occur quickly.

Often the cards with opportunity also have scavenger, skill that makes them stronger as they are eliminating enemies and the battle is developing, also most of these cards are of the common type, and although they are usually a little more expensive than the other common cards are still a good acquisition in our teams because of its playability.

What are the cards with opportunity?

Currently there are eight (8) cards with this ability, the first one to introduce this new skill in the game was the Fiendish Harpy, a promo edition card very new for that time, later with the exit of the Untamed expansion six (6) cards appeared with this ability, one card for each splinter except for the earth splinter, but this last one would not take long to have also a card with this skill, this time through the Reward edition.

Next let's analyze briefly each one of them.

Fiendish Harpy
The pioneer of this ability, also seems to be the most used and best performing of all the cards with opportunity, although she does not acquire the skill until lvl 4 and is only accompanied by her native skill Fliying. The harpy, belonging to the Dragon splinter, is used approximately 2.74% of the time and has a high win rate of 57.19%.

Dragon Jumper
This card appeared in the Untamed edition and is also from the Dragon splinter, it has the opportunity and flying abilitys natively, but also acquires snare and stun as it levels up, this skill set along with its high damage power, makes it the most powerful opportunity card yet, all this even cost 7 mana points. Despite being a legendary card and not very affordable, it is quite used (1.77%) and has a great win rate of 56.4%.

Serpentine Spy
The fire splinter opportunist and one of the cards that put Malric Inferno back on the map, this monster is characterized by its speed, acquires poison at maximum level making it a very lethal card, is used 1.53% of the time and has a somewhat mediocre winrate of just 46.5%.

Feasting Seaweed
It belongs to the water splinter and is one of the cards that acquires scavenger, a skill that in my opinion, combines very well with opportunity, however it does not stand out too much, and is only used 0.36% of the time with a low win rate of just 44.76%.

Cave Slug
The life splinter couldn't do without his card with opportunity, and in what way, besides this skill, the cave slug also acquires scavenger and then slow at its maximum level, a jewel card! Despite being very little used it has an excellent winrate of 55.29%.

As expected, this card belongs to the death splinter and also acquires the scavenger ability when rising to level 6, it is a card used only 0.6% but shows a good performance with a winrate of 55.35%.

Parasitic Growth
A neutral card, which may well be used in battle along with other cards with opportunity making the attacks more focused, also acquires scavenger at level 6, is used 1.04% of the time with a mediocre win rate of 45.94%.

Screeching Vulture
The earth splinter opportunistic card and the last one to date to have this ability, being a reward card tends to be very affordable in the market, has native flying and acquires scavenger at level 6, is widely used 2.61% and has a winrate of 53.39%.

"Ideally, we should have all the cards, but if this is not possible, I recommend you:
  • Screeching Vulture, for its low price and very good playability.
  • Cave Slug, great playability, that slow ability at high level makes the difference from the other cards with opportunity and gives a great plus to the team.
  • Dragon Jumper, a beast that is well worth the 7 mana points, if you can afford to have this card in your collection do not hesitate to acquire it."

Let's look at one of these cards with Opportunity, the Screeching Vulture, in a battle:

The line up

Wizard of Eastwood
Since I started using this summoner I don't regret it, that -2 of armor is more useful than I thought at first.
Gelatinous Cube
The great wall, the immortal one, the broken cube, the terrible jelly, one of my favorite cards when it comes to defense.
Spirit Shaman
A great wizard, who stuns, and receives no damage from the first attack.
Creeping Ooze
Slowing down the enemy is always a very good idea, at least it seems that way to me.
Screeching Vulture
My card with Opportunity, will hunt down the weakest enemies and become stronger thanks to the scavenger.
Not only will it provide the team with greater speed, it will also add an extra point of damage to the Screeching Vulture.
Barking Spider
A little underrated spider in my opinion, 2 points of damage + blind, for only 4 points of mana seems to me a fair trade.

The Battle


The strategy work?

Ok, ok I know we can say that the battle was won by the cube (isn't it always?), but we can't deny that Screeching Volture did its part, the good thing about this battle is that we could see two similar teams each using the same card with opportunity, but where positioning was crucial at the time of the unraveling.

First the enemy Screeching vulture killed most of my team, but it was weakened because all my attack was focused on it, once that worthy enemy was defeated, my bird took arms with the rest of the enemy formation leaving only Arianthus alive, who we know is a block, and then everything would be decided by fatigue.

I think the strategy worked properly and the positioning of the monsters was crucial, don't you think?

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