Release the Squid - weekly battle challenge


The giant squid is one of those cards that at first glance seems to have good stats and skills, but for some reason they don't quite shine on the battlefield, is it a card that is underrated? Or maybe it's in the wrong splinter? A splinter that mostly uses magic attack cards and also has other great archers like the pirates or the water elemental. Anyway, being practical, the main attraction of the giant squid is its low price in the market so it's not bad to have this monster of the deep sea among our troops.

Giant Squid abilities

This skill sometimes seems to do nothing, but the truth is very useful, especially in battles where magic cannot be used or is weakened, but you must always be careful that the rest of the team has good speed and can take advantage of this skill.
I love this skill, subtracting a point of life from the whole enemy team will always give us a very good advantage.

Some statistics

According to the Splinterlands Meta Snapshot, The giant squid is a card with a very low win rate of only 30.76%. However, it is a very underused card and these statistics can be very misleading when you do not have an adequate amount of data.

Let's see the Giant Squid in action.

The line up

The water summoner of the Untamed collection, I can't say he's the best summoner, but he does a very good job.
Elven Defender
First potion, normally I would use the Sea Monster as a tank but unable to use its Heal ability, I preferred to opt for the Elven with its Shield ability to withstand enemy attacks.
Prismatic Energy
A card with a magical attack and a lot of life. A kind of spare tank that will also reflect the enemy's magic.
Gelatinous Cube
The ultimate wall, despite not being able to count on his heal ability will protect the team's damage dealers.
Sea Genie
In addition to providing support with magical attack, it will buff all the team with one more life point.
giantsquid.png Giant Squid
The star of the week, will affect the enemy team with his Blind ability while doing a good distance damage.
charriot.png Goblin Chariot
These goblins do a lot of damage when they get together.

The Battle

The strategy work?

No doubt it was a success, the Elven Defender resisted enough in part thanks to the Blind ability that affected the enemy team, then the prismatic energy did the job reflecting all the enemy magic already weakened by the Bortus bonus. The damage dealers did great damage at will and even the piercing of the Goblin Chariot caused havoc to the shields of the enemy team.

The team synergy worked so well that it was not necessary for the cube to go down to defend.

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