Barking spider... doesn't bite?



A spider the size of a chicken that barks and smells bad? Surely it must be a good monster to fight? Or maybe not?

Personally, I think that the barking spider offers just enough for its mana cost (also for its cost in the market), it is not an outstanding card, but it is not bad to have it in our ranks.

Spliterlnads weekly challenge is to use this card in battle, do you think it will be easy? let's see...

Barking Spider abilities

The spider has this ability at level 6 and is the only one that can obtain it. It increases the chances that the enemy cards will fail the physical attacks, maybe it's not the best skill but sometimes it can save the skin of our team.

Some statistics

According to the Splinterlands Meta Snapshot, the Barking spider is a very little used card (0.21%) but in the few battles where it has been used at an adequate level it has had a great winrate of 61.58%, not bad for a 4 mana point reward card!

I know this card should be tested a little more to be able to trust their battle statistics, but it seems that the Blind ability has its grace.

Ok, Let's see the Barking Spider in action in the following battle.

Ruleset: No Legendary
Mana Cap: 36
Active Splinters: Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Death.

The line up

Wizard.png Wizard of Eastwood
I think of the rare untamed summoners this is one of the best, that -2 shield points helps a lot of most of the time.
cube.png Gelatinous Cube
I really need to explain why I use this card? I think I've used it 90% of the time, if you've seen my previous challenges you'll know what I mean, this... thing, it's immortal.
prismaticenergy.png Prismatic Energy
This card not only does magic damage, it can also assist the cube as a secondary tank.
charriot.png Gobling Charriot
A lot of damage these guys cause, their piercing ability will help get through the shields.
javelin.png Javelin Thrower
It's not enough with the goblings, we need more damage, and of course, secure that damage with piercing.
woodnymph.png Wood Nymph
The healer of the team, will try to keep the cube alive, in addition, her skill will give one more point of life to each member of the team.
barkingspider.png Barking Spider
Our special guest of the week, will do some more damage while barking blinding the enemy team.

The Battle


The strategy work?

The enemy team possessed an exaggerated amount of damage, especially the Goblin Mech in the first position was a clear condition of danger for my team. All that damage, accompanied by the typical speed of the fire splinter managed to knock down my Cube in the first round, fortunately on my side there was also enough damage to knock down the Goblin Mech at the end of the first round.

From the second round my Prismatic Energy takes the tank role supporting very well the damage, the blind over the enemy team given by the Barking Spider helps the Prismatic Energy to avoid a couple of important hits and so hold on long enough while the rest of the team destroys the enemy monsters.

The enemy team not having a card that could play the role of a tank, was destroyed monster by monster.

The strategy worked very well despite losing the Jelly Cube in the first round.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post & don't hesitate to leave your comment, see you at the game.

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