Legendary Splinterlands Fallen Specter Card Giveaway - 48hrs with Bonus Offer!

Win Legendary Splinterlands Fallen Specter

For my first giveaway post I will be providing all qualified participants the chance to to win a legendary Splinterlands card!

The winner will be selected at 10pm eastern on May 30, 2020!

Follow these steps for your chance to win the legendary card!

Special Bonus Offer to Qualifying Participants!

Step 1

UPVOTE this post

Step 2

Comment this post following instructions listed in option A, B or both

Step 3

I will comment back letting you know whether you've met the criteria for the options you chose to participate in

Special bonus offer waiting if the winner qualifies and follows instructions for both options!

Option A

  1. Use my referral link to play any KryptoGamers game: https://kryptogamers.com/?ref=cryptoknight12

  2. In the comment provide a snip/SS of the amount you played



*A minimum of 1 STEEM or HIVE must be played in order to qualify

Option B

  1. Like my latest video on Youtube and subscribe to my channel
  2. Upvote and resteem my hive post detailing the same video: https://hive.blog/hive-196037/@cryptoknight12/v4gu0nsh9vt
  3. Comment this post with a snip/SS of my youtube video showing subscribed and liked checked

See example snip/SS to satisfy Option B Step 1


Participates Qualifying for Both Options Win an Epic Pyromaniac Bonus Offer Card!


How will a winner be selected?

I will post a video and use https://picker.steemify.me/ to select a random hive user who comments this post.

If the first winner selected does not meet any of the qualifying parameters as instructed in this post, during the video I will review the reason any winner does not qualify and move onto the next randomly selected winner following the same process until a qualified winner is identified.



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Can you please provide screenshot of which ones options you participated in?

I have signed up:

and I have played 1 STEEM


Thanks you have qualified for Option A!

@cryptoknight12 Just finished Option B too.


Ah sweet! Yes confirmed you qualify for the bonus card if you're the winner!



Thanks you have qualified for Option B! Good luck!

I have done for Option B.

Confirmed you do qualify for option B! Thanks for playing and good luck!

Thank you very much.

@superlotto is there... LOL

oh yah @superlotto earned me 8 hive from my dividend payout yesterday! You should participate on this event my friend!

Goodwork 👍