Finally Back With Openings! - Splinterlands Untamed Packs Opening and Giveaway #48

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Welcome to the newest Splinterlands Untamed Packs opening video! If you have watched my previous openings, you probably know that there is also a giveaway inside this video...

Firstly, I would like to apologize for this much waiting for this opening and giveaway video... It has passed over 1 month when I have done the last one and I had to watch the video to see what card did I promise for the giveaway... But, one of you guys got today the awesome epic card, Light Elemental!

I have opened 2 Untamed Packs in this video, and 1 card from those 10 will go to some of you who leave the comment!

Also, you will find a question inside the video... Answer that easy question inside the comment section and be eligible for the giveaway... The lucky winner will be drawn in the next opening video...

If you are not playing this game, you can sign up here

Thanks for watching!


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Good to see you back, wishing you luck with your video series. I favor the Herbalist.

Hey fam, nice content. Really nice for new players to get some free cards. I'd go for the herbalist, since I trust in herbs myself.

thanks so much for the card. totally agree, opportunity cards are a mean little surprise in fog of war.

Thanks for sharing. I would take the Kobold Bruiser.

Thanks for the chance. Would love the herbalist card!

Thanks for the giveaways, I'm sure everyone appreciates them. And I would also have to go with the herbalist.

I would choose the Herbalist card. I think the cleanse ability is useful than having no ability.

Herbalist, combination of ability and stats for low price = great! ;)

I choose Herbalist card, for the ability.

Another great Splinterlands video! ~@clove71

Thanks for the support, @clove71!

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herbalist :)

I would like to win the Kobold Bruiser. 😀