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Hi everyone! I am here on my favorite crypto game ever, Splinterlands! Congrats to @shenan for his win in last week's play of the week battle I selected. 5K DEC was sent to him! Simply drop your craziest battles in the comments below- as many as you like. It does not have to be your battle, it can be someone else's you see from the top battles. I am looking for a play of the week- it is extra good where the underdog wins or if it is just an amazing battle! If a battle is selected for the play of the week, the person who submitted the battle will win 5K DEC! If no battles are chosen for the play of the week then there will be no winner. If a second battle is chosen as well 2500 DEC will be awarded to them. Drop your battle links below for entry to the contest! Feel free to describe what happens in the battle that makes it so awesome!

Get in the game now!

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I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest rewards!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71

Splinterlands Rep

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I thought Earth would win as the cards were more leveled up..

My 2nd crazy battle happened on my herons account that I play with

This one I call the BLINK AND YOU MISS IT

WOW! This battle is CRAZY! LOL! Nice name for the battle too! I looked at it and said the Golden Dragon will win, LOL! Wrong!!!! I am still reviewing battles but you have a great chance with this one, you might get 2nd place but we will see!

![012 - Fire Dwarf (690px, 10fps).gif](,%2010fps).gif)

Thanks :)

Hello, @clove71, I always see this contest, but I never participated, because I just forget to save my most interesting battles, luckily I just played one that I found very crazy because I managed to win with just my spirit of the forest, thanks to new battle rule in which archers can attack in the first position.

I hope you enjoy! kisses

Wow! This is a Crazy battle!! Just one card killed all those other ones, lol! I am still looking at battles here but you might win something, if not 1st maybe 2nd...we will see....

Nice !! Thanks a lot :D

Here is another crazy battle where I win with level 1 cards against an opponent with level 4 cards.


Wow! You did great here!! Very nice work!

Defeted a "th-" account having max legendary summoner and cards by my level 6 summoner.

Nice battle!

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The power of Lord A....

I've watched this back about half a dozen times, It defo doesn't ' @feelsogood ' for the loser I'm sure.

NB - when I was selecting my team I was thinking + 1 shield for Life and forgotten I'd selected the Dragon summoner!

Still, a win is a win!

Wow! He took out everybody!!!! LOL! Nice battle! Good luck to you- I am still reviewing battles but this is a nice one!

It's a great card - but I think everyone knows the general rule: if the rules allow it, play him!

Great! Thank you!
It was crazyiest battle and strange descent the player with great Legendary cards)

Thanks @clove71 for the contest, my entry would be this battle below:

Coming into the battle, I discovered that my opponent was in Champion I league while I was in Champion III league, the opponent had over 1000 point ahead of me.

Secondly, after selecting our monsters and they cam out for battle, I discovered that he used the Legendary fire summoner, that I must say was scary, as I had no chance against the opponent.

As the battle progressed I saw that there was light at the end of the tunnel, it looked like I was going to win but then I started getting missed hit on Goblin Shaman, I don't know why that was happening but must say I was glad when the final blow took it out. Lol.

Nice battle! :-)

One of my craziest battles was when I beat Yabapmatt's Lvl. 8 Alric as an underdog with my Lvl. 4 Lyanna in a reverse speed game. He went all out on magic but I'm glad I used Lord A as a tank. Otherwise I would've lost this game.

That was a nice battle! You did great!

Wow!! 32 rounds and a draw! That was crazy indeed!!
I have to get mine maxed out, lol!!!!

Yes, fatigue definitely happens- nice battle!

Nice fire vs. fire!

hi Clove thank you for the giveaway ! upvote + resteem;)
99 caps battle but against high level cards, what saved me was the high battle cap, so i could use my legendaries cards, and won :)


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Very nice battle!

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Well, only this battle comes to mind for me:

Link: Here!

League: Silver II

My Death Splinter is Level 1 and in this fight it was only the available splinter. So I put my strongest Death cards and wished for the best. (My opponent had stronger cards but relied too much on Magic attackers and I had Magic Defence.)

Nice job!!

Congratzz to the winner.