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Today I visited my publisher, we started working on a new project, but I am not talking about it today. I scanned some stuff and took a few subject pics today, for the said project, and while doing that I noticed this piece of paper. It was framed and hanging on the wall, but enclosed by the rubble of other interesting pieces, thats why I didnt notice it before in that room.. I was amused and immediately clicked to make a digital copy for myself. I collect that stuff, you know. My hobby!

What it is, and where did it come from? Actually, I am not in the know! It looks like a back cover of a vintage magazine to me. The content is very curious for the Russian-speaking auditoria, and especially for the history-lovers... (and maybe for @trincowski). Here we are talking about what (supposedly) a modern educated Russian woman with progressive views should have wanted. "Russian women should seek to be elected to the Duma [Russian parliament], and work there for the benefit of the newly-established republic". After emperor Nicolas II was thrown from the throne, Russian republic existed from March to October 1917; obviously this sheet of paper should be attributed exactly to this time.

A wonderful piece of history ... In November 1917, the Bolsheviks seized the power in Russia, and since then Russians had to forget about parliament in Russia, the freedom, and a lot of other things.


Сегодня, бывши у издателя (мы начали заниматься новым проектом, о к-м я не стану рассказывать в этом посте) я наткнулся на интересную штучку. Она очень понравилась не только мне, так как ее нарочно поместили под стекло, в рамку и на стенку -- я не видел ее раньше лишь потому что она скрывалась под завалами других не менее интересных матерьялов).

Этот листок бумаги, очевидно, задняя обложка какого-то старого журнала. Шрифты - аутентичные, уже они одни указывают на время, когда это было отпечатано: начало ХХ века. Итак... речь здесь идет о том, чего (якобы) должна хотеть современная образованная русская женщина, имеющая прогрессивные взгляды. Русские женщины должны добиваться быть избранными в Думу (Русский парламент), и работать там на благо республики. Республика в России существовала с марта по октябрь 1917 года, с очевидностью, данный лист бумаги можно датировать этим временем. Прекрасный кусок истории!.. В ноябре 1917 года власть в России захватили большевики, с тех пор о парламенте в России пришлось забыть. Как и о многих других вещах.

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There is an antiques and vintage community? Wow. This platform is amazing. It feels sometimes as though I'm in a wonderful bookstore with so many books I don't know which to choose. I join communities to which I can contribute nothing, but they are so tempting :)
Your paper treasure is amazing. I have always found that period in Russian/Bolshevist/Soviet history amazing. Such rapidly developing events. To me it represents how people can get swept up in history and not know it. How people can be part of epic events and be lost in the fog of it.
(forgive me, I go on).
Will you translate that document for us?

haha! you can join Antique & Vintage community without any risk being overloaded with information or posts... : it looks like DEAD. People do not contribute to it anything (I am a rare exception). Strange but true: such an amazing subject -- and no activity... You will ask, why so?.. Cause nobody reward them there... naturally, they tend to post to other places where they get at least something. heh. sad, but true.

Will you translate that document for us?

haha. mmmm. I can type a Russian version, if there will show up any more intrested folks.

All right, now I have to post something there. I'm almost old enough to be an antique myself (going at the 100 year threshold I lack 27 years). I will look around and find something. Being contrary comes naturally to me :))

I found something....it's from the 1920s or 30s, but has a story attached,so I'm going to put a blog together maybe by tomorrow. Maybe we can bring some life to the community :)

That pleases me!

I did it! And that was fun. What a nice category. Thanks for creating it :)

Thank you!!!

Being contrary comes naturally to me


ofc, a story attached making it far better!
and its not a question of time.
I will look forward.
A&V group founder will be pleased, too.
I am sure of that.


Thanks for the beer!

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When I started the community, I thought that there were so many people out there who liked vintage and collectible things that I thought it would be a good idea to start them.
I thought that many would be happy and show their collections and antiques here.
I thought wrong ...
Or maybe it's because I didn't advertise enough.
I haven't had that much time to worry about it in the past few months either.
Our Uganda project was more important and I had been sitting at the PC for a long time every day ...
But I am firmly convinced that the community will work at some point (at the latest when I have time to really take care of it ...)
Thank you very much for your posts!

But I am firmly convinced that the community will work at some point

Elli, I think myself the same, too. if we all arrive to the Moon and the Hive price will grow (I hold my breath for that!). and yes, advertizing and sort of activity is important. folks just have no idea such a field exists. I know myself a few persons on Hive that adore vintage things (and have them in posession!)

so, yes, a little more activity, a little more ads (I advise making those ad posts, and promote them via Ecency, paying ESTM tokens, thats a good way too). and much more altered posting pattern -- that is what #OCD working on. did you see their 'communities incubation program' ?..

one year ago I didn't know anything about crypto, blockchain.....and I only start at steemit because of our Uganda-Project and my art.
I have much to much interest themes and so not really enough time....
Eceny,ESTM,altered posting pattern...I don't understand anything about it ...
🤣 🤣 🤣

well... I am learning too!
started my blockchain / cryptocurency experience in 2019 only. (1st platform was WeKu - a scam scheme right from the start). maybe I arrived to steemit a bit earlier then you.

I could explain something, if you want :P
since I am jobless from the start of the year 2020, I have more time on my hands :P

Thank you very much!
I have one question:
Sometimes I cannot find themes I am interested in.
There is a "search-field" in the right corner, but it doesn't work...!??!

doesnt work for me, either.
maybe this code is not developed yet.
thats why it is not easy to find the proper communities, in my opinion, this can be done 'in manual mode' only -- and still no guarantee what you will find is a living places, not just the places staked out. the reason to rely on 'spread the word', ad posts, discord info etc more, then just plain search in 'communities list'.

You are very welcome in my community !!!!!!
Kind regards

Than you for having me! I love your community. Let's hope more people see the fun to be had and decide to join in.

Thank you!
That makes me happy!
I think it will be, because so many people love antiques - and collecting-stuff.
So have fun!

раритетная вестчЬ!

Ого.) зачетная весЧь.))

спасибо. не моя, увы =)