'Love The Clouds' Finalists?! #91

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Hello Hivers!

Thank you so much for the fantastic entries to the #LoveTheClouds contest! Now it's your turn to pick the finalists...


How do I vote for my favorite finalists?


=> These are all valid ways to write your finalists. Essentially, just make it clear for whom you vote :)


How large is the prize pool?


The prize pool was 7.75 Hive and every finalist will get 2.58 Hive



>>>Here are the entries for the LTC #90<<<

And thanks so much for supporting this contest and showing your love for clouds! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™β›…




Check out the Love The Clouds Community if you share the love for clouds!



If you want to support the LoveTheClouds community additionally, please consider a delegation to @lovetheclouds. Upvote rewards scale to a max delegation of 5k!

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Hello everyone! My selection:


I am grateful that you chose my picture...@gabmr πŸ₯°

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Hi @tobetada these are my 3 picks. I had to switch back and forth 3x to get their names 😊 would you mind using dpoll next time? Just a suggestion.

I am grateful that you chose my photo @morethanbooksπŸ€—

Gracias 😁

Thanks for selecting mine

Thank you, dear @jadung, for voting for my picture.

I am grateful that you chose me ...@jadung πŸ€—

I want to enter - is the new post for #91?

My choice for #91
1 Olgavita
2 Suzana72
3 Jlufer

I am very grateful, dear @pandamama, for mentioning my photo. Could you only please change 90 for #91?

Hey @tobetada, my 3 favourite picks:



Thank you, dear @trangbaby, for mentioning me.

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Every entry is good, but to pick three of my favourites


Hey! Thanks for choosing mine.

Thank you, dear @mipiano, for your support.

hello dear friend @mipiano good day
very happy that my image has been to your liking
thank you very much for the great support
have a wonderful day

Hello dear friend @tobetada good afternoon
I loved the images and videos that have been presented this week. These are my picks


I take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful afternoon

Thank you, dear @jlufer, for picking my picture up.

It is a real pleasure dear friend @olgavita succes
have a wonderful day

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Hi Love The Clouds!
This is my entry
...looks like ... i got in the wrong place ... :)