'Love The Clouds' Finalists?! #90

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Hello Hivers!

We have had a lot of entries for the last contest and as I mentioned before I would like to change the way finalists are being picked

In order to decentralize the process, I proposed that the community selects the 3 finalists. This means that all of the community (not just the people who made entries) should vote for their favorite entries. As this is the first time in trying this out I would just see how it works and would really like some feedback :)


How do I vote for my favorite finalists?

For now I suggest these rules:

=> These are all valid ways to write your finalists. Essentially, just make it clear for whom you vote :)


How large is the prize pool?

The prize pool was 9.24 Hive and every finalist will get 3.08 Hive



>>>Here are the entries for the LTC #90<<<

And thanks so much for supporting this contest and showing your love for clouds! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™β›…




Check out the Love The Clouds Community if you share the love for clouds!



If you want to support the LoveTheClouds community additionally, please consider a delegation to @lovetheclouds. Upvote rewards scale to a max delegation of 5k!

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Hi! My votes:

Thanks for the vote @luyennikki

Thanks @luyennikki πŸ˜„

Thank you very much for liking my post! This makes me very happy and makes my Sunday more beautiful.

Hello! It Is nice to take part of an interactive community like this. Good job.

My picks:


Aww Thanks a lot for your vote β™₯️ Much appreciated

Welcome, lady!! c:

Thank you very much for your vote @ gabmr πŸ₯°
I appreciate thatπŸ’ž

Welcomeee. Great clouds!

Saludos, @tobetada , estas son mis favoritas

Hello! Here are my favorites:

Many thanks a lot for your vote β™₯️ Much appreciated

My votes....

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Hello! My votes:

how are you dear friend @olgavita
I really appreciate the great support you give to my image
Thank you very much and have a beautiful Sunday

Hello dear friend @tobetada, these are my favorite presentations
I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy start to the week

thanks for the feedback!

Thanks @jlufer

Hey @tobetada, my votes are:

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how are you dear friend @trangbaby
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Saludos, @tobetada , estas son mis favoritas

how are you dear friend @aurodivys
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Great idea @tobetada to open the decision making up to Hive members. All the entries are so beautiful in their own way that it's really hard to choose. I certainly didn't envy you.

I won't be voting for myself, so here are my choices:


Good luck everyone.

Hello dear friend @antoniarhuiz good night
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you are very gentle
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Thank you so much for your support.