Love The Clouds' Contest! #109 - Blue-Green Storm Clouds

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Here are a few blue-green storm clouds for the Love the Clouds contest #109 by @tobetada

I went out for a walk and it started out sunny but then the clouds came rolling in.

They had a blueish green tint to them and you could tell a rain storm was about to happen.

Lots of rich textures roiled around and the wind picked up speed on the ground suddenly.

At this time I started booking it back home before the rainstorm would soak me to the bone.

I snapped off one more shot as the cloud system was above me.


So cloudy

with a chance of meatballs

Looks pretty cloudy to me 🤣

Sadly I didn't accidentally catch a flying saucer in the clouds.

Haha, maybe you were using the wrong calling codes 🤣

I used ascii instead of binary lol

You should have used morse code 🤣

It looks like cloudy.
The clouds covered the sunlight.

They nearly rained on me but it ended up being too windy and didn't rain at all.

WOW, beautiful!

Thanks :-)

Hermosos colores lo que captaste allí, es un azul que me encanta la paleta que nos puede brindar el mirara hacia arriba @sketch.and.jam

Beautiful colors what you captured there, it is a blue that I love the palette that the look up can give us @sketch.and.jam

Thanks thick clouds with a setting sun are the best for photos.