Skies of Venezuela - 9 Photos (Love The Clouds' Contest! #99)

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Today I found this new community dedicated to the clouds of heaven. I am a fan of the horizons where the clouds show us their beauty.

Naiguatá - La Guaira

It's easy to look north and find shapes in the clouds. As kids we thought we saw shapes of people in the clouds. It wasn't always easy to find a complete figure in the sky.

Altamira - Caracas

I am going to share with you a random series of some photographs that I have taken in different places, ranging from the mountain, the city and the beach.


San Antonio de Los Altos - Miranda

I took the pictures in my native country Venezuela. I work as a photographer here. However the photos were captured by my Samsung S6.

Cayo Sal - Falcón

San Antonio de Los Altos - Miranda

I hope you like this little gallery. Greetings and special thanks to @tobetada

That's me jumping. San Antonio de Los Altos - Miranda

This is my entry to the contest 'Love The Clouds' Contest! #99

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wow, fantastic picture, thanks for sharing