Peaceful Cotton Cloud Sky.

in Love The Clouds2 months ago

It is a habit of my that first thing in the morning as i am sliding back those big curtains across my huge sliding glass window is to look up at the sky to see what mother nature has installed for us and this morning as i was staring out the glass sliding door and stepping out onto the porch looking across my garden i could see the sunrise making it's way up through this beautiful bright blue sky covered with many tiny beautiful and peaceful white cotton clouds just looking down at me.





This was telling me that it was going to be a lovely morning for a jog on the beach and i was looking forward getting my feet running along the shore line while enjoying this beautiful peaceful cotton cloud morning life is awesome when your feeling alive and able to see another beautiful tranquil morning.





#lovetheclouds by @tobetada






Nice. You just want to scoop them up in your hands and squish them together they look so soft and inviting eh....😃

Haha...thank you @chocolatescorpi they remind me of them fairy frost on the stick soft and sweet 😇

Haaa yep and Icecream dreams....😃

Haha...yep and why not 😆😆

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Thank you for your @hivebuzz 😇

You're welcome @kohsamui99, it's with pleasure! Keep up the good work 😊🐝

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you @ecency for your support 👍

Awesome 😍😍

Thanks buddy 👍

Greetings buddy, your photos always incredible, gives the feeling of being able to touch the clouds, great work!

Thank you @cryptoxicate for your kind words you have a great New Year 👍

Same to you, Happy New Year 2021

I love these clouds 😀, very beautiful!

Thank you @olgavita for your kind words and you have a wonderful New Year 😇

What a lovely morning view to wake up to. !tan

Thank you @justinparke and a happy new year to you and your lovely family 😉🎉🎈🥂🚀

Awesome shots from your garden 😊

Thank you Trang 😉

wow, fantastic photos, thanks for sharing!

Thank you @marjuanm your welcome 👍

I just love clouds!
Happy New Year, my friend!!

Thank you @silversaver888 and a very happy new year to you my friend 🎉

How are you dear friend @ kohsamui99 good day
How much beauty is in your images, what beautiful cloud formations you have captured. Excellent shots.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid week

Thank you @jlufer mother nature did paint the sky beautifully on this morning 🙏