Battle of the Monsoon Clouds.

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On this beautiful fine blue sky day we were on the beach of Koh Samui in Thailand enjoying the cool breeze from the ocean and soaking up the vitamin D from the sun it was getting to later afternoon and normally in the October-November period in Thailand it's monsoon period and you will normally get mean monsoon clouds coming in from over the mountains heading out towards the Gulf of Thailand and we had already seen a few of these monsoon cloud formation in the time we were here on this island but on this particular afternoon there was a very unusual cloud formation happening one that we handed seen ever before.


This huge scary cloud formation looked to me like a giant tornado heading towards us.



It really did look scary and the strange thing there was another set of these scary gray clouds not in the same formation but also looking scary coming in over the mountains from the other side of the island this was going to be a massive downpour bringing hailstones with it i thought.




It certainly scared all the foreigners of the beach causing them to run for cover as in our western countries we see something like this it could be carrying hailstones with it so we didn't take the chances of hanging around and been hammered to death by ice rocks.



The strange thing that i noticed the sun was still shining on the sand part of the beach and it wasn't worrying the locals one bit they were still seated on there chairs by the beach and probably looking at us foreigners and having a great old laugh , i suppose been locals here for some many years on the beach they could read these clouds.




And what happen when these two giant clouds met in the far middle of the ocean a few drops of water on the sand and it was all over how disappointing , i wanted to see a massive collision and all hell break loose but no it was all show and no action the only action was all the foreigners running of the beach 😆




And after all that commotion the clouds were clearing away blue sky started to appear again and the sun was still around amazing mother nature.



#lovetheclouds by @tobetada






Yay! 🤗
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They were indeed rather ominous looking clouds lol. Some beautiful photos!

They were indeed @jaynie scary looking but all broke loose out at sea and sunshine on the shoreline was really amazing to see.

Wow... this is brilliant capture. The rain clouds and rain going from left to right. Awesome! :-)

Thanks @quotes-haven it was some thing for me never seen before it was amazing but little scary at the same time 😱

Yes, I can imagine. I would have run for safety. 😊👍

It was really a sight to see 😱

Guao que cielo más impresionante @kohsamui99
Wow what an awesome sky @kohsamui99

Thank you for your kind words @sacra97 👍

Thank you very kindly for your comment, sometimes we forget to look up to enjoy these beautiful skies @kohsamui99

So true and your welcome @sacra97 😉

Grateful for the welcome @kohsamui99

My pleasure @sacra97 😉

Yeah, the locals know whether a cloud brings bad weather or not.

It's the same here or where I have grown up - the darkest clouds wouldn't make the ground wet if they come from the wrong direction.

Great photos, @kohsamui99, and I believe seeing them approaching my place on the beach would have scared me too 😂

Cheers and !BEER

Yep the locals certainly know the deal but as for me and your better to be safe then sorry 😉

Have a great week @johannpiber 👍

But it's better to be a local and laugh at the stupid frightened tourists 🤣
You have a great week too 🌞

Cheers and !BEER

Haha...true it would be part of the locals entertainment 😆😆


Cheers and !BEER

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Yeah, those would scare me too!!
I glad the dark clouds went away... hehehe.

Haha...yep they did look pretty scary 😱

Wow..another excellent collection for cloud lovers. It sounds strange clouds at first few pictures like it pours down to the ground 😎🥸

Thank you @trangbaby these clouds were definitely very strange and scary the cloud looked like the Hiroshima bombing 😱