Love the clouds #109 / LIVE IN THE STREAM

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"When you do something, just do it. Don't create anything in your mind. Just do it. As soon as you start to check your feelings, circumstances, situation, and then hold on to them, some imbalance immediately appears. You are generating the energies of opposites. The longer and stronger you hold onto something, the greater the imbalance and disharmony in your mind. But if you keep a clear mind and do not test anything, then nothing in this world is a problem for you."

~ Seung San


Photo "The brush of heaven"
Kronstadt 2014
Photographer: @artvik - Artem Tikhonkov
Instagram with my street photo:​​


Those aren't natural clouds. They are the results of all the shit released into the atmosphere

These are ordinary clouds over the coast of the sea :)
On the photo is part of a monument to Aivazovsky, photographed by me from below on the background of clouds

yeah ordinary shit clouds