Mars Hydro - 2x2 Autoflower Day 44

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Day 44 on the MoB autoflower. The last update was 11 days ago. That last update I showed that I was keeping it low.

Since that video, it has just been getting the liquid organic tea along with PHed water. I am starting to notice it could use some Epsom salt foil spray. The light-coloured leaves it shows that it may have a calcium or magnesium deficiency. The soil itself has some mixed in but I have been reading that the Mars hydro lights need extra. Might just be the type light it is who knows.

With the 4 tops the same size after topping it show my plan works. It would be great to grow taller plants but the tents I got are short. Therefore tall plants are out of the question.

Now that it is day 44 and day 2 of pre flower, The likely hood of this plant will double in size over the next couple weeks. The last strain of this I grew was such a fruity smell I can only hope that this one is the same thing.


As seen in the video the fan leaves are starting to get pretty big so it may need to be taken off some spots. The reason that I like to take some off is it lets light down to the lower nodes. Now that this plant is showing pre flower I will be getting switched over to the Big Bud Liquid nutes and this is going to be the last plant to be fed with liquid nutes. With the next batch of autos started on clone Sunday week 6. These ones are being moved into the Supersoil that has been cooking for 2 weeks now.

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