Clone Sunday Week #5

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Clone Sunday Week #5 is the start of weekly posts again. Cannabis Clones are such a great thing. With fact that you can take apart from one plant and make another one. The fact that you can keep the genetics of your favourite pheno. This is the only way I was able to keep around the Steem OG and the Big Nug strains.

It has been a few weeks since the last time I ended up doing a clone Sunday update. With the steem OG nicely into flower now for 4 weeks. Also, have the Supersoilcooking up quite nicely. I need to get the next steem OG in the soil. I want to be able to veg this for a couple of weeks before flower. That way I can take a clone or two from her and also have a few tops when she flowers.

Clone Sunday – Videos




As you can see from Clone Sunday week #5. That one of the Steem OG was showing some nice roots. The Mix I made for this was just promix HP with mycorrhizae. This is one of the lucky ones that will be moved to the supersoil.

The other 4 clones are 2 more Steem OG that I will be flowering or Growing to keep a mother and one for the outdoor grow. The other two plants are the Big Nug Fast By seedsman. It is another strain that I keep around with clones. With this fact, I can keep cloning and not buying as many seeds. The down fault to the clones over seeds is I always need to have them around growing.

With that conclusion, I hope you can follow along whether you are reading this post on, Weedcash, Hive, Or this Awesome personal blog of mine.

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