Coffee and Philosophy Ep. 148 Announcement

in Philosophy2 months ago

This week I think Cope and I might steer away from the politics a bit as it's been kind of dominating the themes for the last few weeks, but who knows as usual the show will go where the conversation leads. If you want to suggest some topics or come and nag us in chat about all the things wrong in the world, you know where to find us. Also it appears the Waves servers might be experiencing a bit of clownery this evening so if the streams aren't working then hop into the Discord.

The show will be Saturday night at 11:00 pm CST (Sunday 4:00 am UTC). If you want to hang out and interact with us live, take the Discord link below, or else the others all work for listening and watching live. I'll also post a recording some time after the show is over. Thanks to anyone that can come out and join us and we look forward to seeing you there. Much love to all of you.

Live chat and stream on PAL Net Discord.


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