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RE: The Thrill of a Story that Writes Itself

Kudos from a nascent SHP editor! I enjoyed this post, albeit somewhat vicariously. As a poet and essayist, I dunno what it's like to have characters "living inside your head". I learned in writing class in college that fiction/novel writing is a universe parallel to but not mirroring poetry, and that my skill set didn't empower me to be a writer of fiction. But I DO appreciate what those skills are and am in total awe just short of veneration for you writers who live in the fictional universe. I did have a look-see at what may have been your synopsis mentioned in this piece; and from what I read, you are most definitely on your way. It will be a real pleasure watching you take flight. Bienvenue.


Aw, thank you! It's really interesting, the difference between writing fiction and poetry. I started out as a writer doing poetry, mainly to survive with so many emotions brimming forth. lol! But when I started writing full-length fiction it was definitely a learning curve. That said, the characters in my mind are undoubtably there. Quite a few of them sharing space. ;) It's such a rush when the story is flowing, and frustrating when it's not, but the more I write, the easier it gets. Not easy. Never quite that, but easiER. Thanks for the kind comment. :)

You know, as the child of two musicians, a mom who could sight-read anything, and a dad whose sight-reading was crap, but could play anything he actually heard, and transpose and arrange it in his head, I don't buy it.

I agree that writing poetry and writing fiction are different skillsets.

I'm personally far more comfortable with poetry, as I've been writing it since childhood, but that doesn't mean that I'm giving up on fiction. Far from it.

I do NOT agree that, if you excel at one, that means that the other is unassailable, and not possible for you.

If you want to write fiction, WRITE IT.

Yeah. You may suck at first. But if you have a poetic bent, you have a WRITING bent, and if you KEEP TRYING, you will succeed.

Don't give up. Your voice, your own incomparable perspective, is FAR too important for you to give up.

Yeah, it may take a while. Let it. Allow it. Nurture it.

I, for one, want to read what you come up with once you reach the other side.

We NEED your voice. Seriously.

Thank you for your kind post and the encouraging things you said. Perhaps I will try again to write short stories.

I certainly hope so! I look forward to be your reader when you do. ;-)