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RE: The Thrill of a Story that Writes Itself

Awesome news, @katrina-ariel!!!

I've resteemed to give other writers much-needed inspiration. ;-)

Knowing that we writers tend to be our own worst critics, I'm beyond jazzed that you're so in love with your story, and have no doubt it will be amazing when I'm finally able to read it.

Congratulations on a job fabulously well done!!!


Thank you!!! I still need to do some editing, but it's important to celebrate milestones, right? I so appreciate the support and encouragement! ;)

Milestones are indeed important, but even more than that, we need to honor ourselves, and the efforts we're making.

The fact that you're doing all of this with twin young sons at home blows my mind. I'm not sure if I could do the same, though I can say without hesitation, I'd sure as hell TRY.

The fact that you are doing so, consistently, says that you are determined, sure, and yes, a dragonrider, in every sense.

Go for it! I'm awaiting you on the other side. ;-)


Thank. You. So. Much!

Any time, my friend, any time. ;-)