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The pandemic itself doesn't need an introduction, obviously. But I guess the time has arrived that we have to consider what route to take regarding having all our freedom back. I refuse to get vaccinated as long as they won't force me, or something changes my mind. Because I can't say that never happens, I don't know what life throws at me, do I?
My mind has been made up from the beginning, that everyone should make their own decision, and mostly be allowed to do so without any consequences! and everyone should respect the decision someone makes. We can't look into someone's head or actual situation, so I can't judge them for getting (or not getting) vaccinated.

This post is not meant for a political discussion, please refrain from doing so, I'm honestly looking for some experiences/tips/advice to find out what I should be paying attention to regarding finding the right antigen test, while giving as much information about the reasons I'm using to make an outweighed decision*

Recently I was infected with Covid-19

At least, I'm pretty sure I had it because of the totally different way I started getting ill, how fast I went downhill and the typical symptoms which I don't recognize from anything else. On top of that I took several grams of vitamin C every single day for 3 weeks in a row, and only after 3 weeks my body seemed to notify me that this was more than I needed.

For more clarity, especially if you never took vitamin C in these higher dosses before, I have to add to the above, that when I normally feel a cold/infection boil in my body, I immediately start with higher doses of Vitamin C, often good for a recovery within the day. The side note here is that this often means a burning sensation on the toilet as my body tries to get rid of the unneeded vitamin c. This has been happening within 2 days max normally, depending on how ill I felt, and how quickly I recovered.

Ever since wave 1, we made sure to have enough Vitamin C in the house, and it has been our go to ever since. It never disappointed giving us a quick recovery. I can safely say that I've been familiar enough with taking this to see the HUGE difference when I took it recently (with the suspected Covid-19 infection).

My body was working hard

I was constantly aware of the fact that my body was working hard towards my recovery, while at first I seemed to feel better for a few days, followed by a phase of feeling worse than when it started. I was exhausted as well, constantly, and even after the symptoms disappeared, weeks of exhaustion followed. Normally, I don't experience this in such an extreme matter.

It was not until halfway through my illness that I suspected Covid-19 as my smell and taste disappeared completely. My nose was not runny anymore for a few days and suddenly I did not smell / taste anything. Not even a bottle of vinegar which was placed under my nose, while I sniffed at it without getting nausea.. Until that happened, we only joked with every cough and sneeze and shouted "CORONA!". I expected it to be a simple cold blowing over in a few days until then.

There's no doubt the vitamins helped me recover

I honestly believe, that if I hadn't taken the high doses of vitamin c, I would have been in bed for weeks and feeling a lot worse. I can totally understand how ill someone could get from this now. But, during wave 1 we have discovered that vitamins are used a lot, with effect, when getting infected and therefore I strongly believe that the first aim should be to make sure everyone HAS these vitamins rather than vaccinating them or telling them to stay inside.

What happened to the advice to "take your vitamins, eat healthy, exercise, go for a walk etc?"

I can't control others or what they do, but I can make sure our family takes them and share my experience regarding Covid-19 and taking the vitamins to recover more quickly.

Lock down measurements

We have been very responsible throughout all the three waves of the pandemic. Although slightly stressed during the first weeks of wave 1, we all came to our senses and went back to not acting like a panicked idiot, just be careful. So this whole lock down situation felt less worse with every restriction they introduced. Mask wearing outside is the HUGE exception here btw, I will never ever smile and put on that thing outside without feeling like a moron and angry that my oxygen is partially cut-off. (yeah, you can read here how strongly I feel about this part)

I never made an issue (although feeling very uncomfortable wearing one) about the fact that I need to wear the mask in a store/public transport/government office etc. I complied, as I don't need a fine up to a few thousand bucks. We stayed in as much as we could, I didn't take the lady with me into the supermarket during the winter, but went for a walk in the park with her instead to get some air and keep ourselves moving.

I have been the perfect obedient citizen, having my own thoughts about it, and no, I don't feel it as my calling to make a fuzz because I know that the gov does what they want anyway. We comply and make it as easy on ourselves as possible, while we longed for the summer to arrive.

Spring is here

And the thing I feared the most, of all measurements, wearing a mask outside, is still a reality.
This is getting annoying to me and slowly getting more uncomfortable when it's a sunny day. We do have an advantage, a car, which we didn't have when this pandemic started. Using the car means reducing mask wearing time a lot compared to taking bus/metro or trams. The solution to enjoy the nice weather is driving to a big park or green area where masks aren't mandatory and deal with it while entering a supermarket or other store. Still hoping it won't last the complete summer!

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Terraces are opening again

I honestly thought this would be the moment we'd ditch mask wearing as well, but apparently that's not the case. Instead we can take them off sitting on a terrace. Alright, at least this is something, and good for the restaurant owners that survived the pandemic. They can now start working again, and I'm more than happy to support them even if prices have gone up, because I feel that's the right thing to do.

Only the vaccinated have full freedom??

I was quite shocked to read that all other things like hotels, spas,cinemas, zoos, theaters etc will open only for the vaccinated. I was quite angry that it actually got to this point as this was discussed differently before. They talked about immunity certificates for those that had recovered as well. Nobody spoke about that yesterday though.

Today the news was explained better and also mentioned that you can get the certificate for free if you are vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19 (positive and later negative test). Which isn't the case because I didn't want to get tested when I was ill for several reasons:

A) After all this staying inside and not go anywhere when having any symptom as little as a runny nose, it makes no sense to go outside in the middle of an infection (remember that I suspected it only halfway through my illness) spreading it around while getting to the test location.

B) I didn't want to pay 50 bucks to get tested. Simple as that.

If I would at some point get worse, and needed medical assistance, that would have been different.

Thankfully, a third option is now added to get this certificate and that's by having an antigen test done at a certified laboratory and then pay for the certificate. This one will be valid for 4 months. So if you're aiming on getting full access to all services year round, this may not be your best option, especially not because of the price. Therefore I suspect many will go for the vaccine instead. It's free and (right now at least) valid for a longer time, but I suspect this will change because people will need to get a new shot every year like the flu shot?

I personally only wish to have the free summer for now. Maybe my view on the vaccine will change once they have been tested well enough, I can't say. So far I feel the same as I did a year ago. I will make my personal decision based on the current situation we're in and hoping it's the right one.

Now the hunt for the right test begins

I've been overwhelmed looking into this, and also remember reading about it on FB months ago when people asked for advice. I will need to have the test that's done with a blood sample, I think, and that's don at least a few weeks after the infection. This seems to be the most accurate test I can do and need for the immunity certificate.

But I can't find answers about how long this will be visible in my blood?
Do I have any deadline by getting this done to still see the previous infection? I'm afraid I'm not timing it well and pay for nothing, but also don't want to get it done too early as I prefer to have my freedom through the end of summer. Call me nuts for these reasons above, but at this point, I don't know the situation after the four months have passed, so I may chose to not get a new certificate until I need it.

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I don't like wasting my money on things that I rather not pay for or need, this is one of them, with the difference that I'd like to make the Covid-19 infection count by "buying myself" (that's what it is in the end) a summer of freedom. It's ridiculous that I even have to consider and think about it, but I can't change reality, but at least I can avoid the vaccination with this option, which is (currently) the best one for me.

Thank you if you made it this far, and if by any chance you have any tips thanks to your own experience, maybe stuff I need to be aware of before getting an antigen test done, please leave a comment. There's no rush for me to get it done asap, at least not that I know of, so I'm taking my time to figure this out. Your thoughts are appreciated but please remember that I don't aim for a political discussion and keep it respectful. Thank you so much!


Thank you for sharing the natural ways in which you healed yourself from Covid. I am glad that you have shared your views with us. I too will not be getting any vaccinate, it is all about finding ways in which to thrive outside of that system, that is my thoughts on it anyhow xx
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Thanks for stopping by @trucklife-family, I feel the need to share the experience taking vitamin C in these high doses simply because until a year ago, I had no idea that this can work magic on your body, helping it heal. Some things are hard to explain but I'm quite sure that this helped my body heal faster.. I heard rumors of the locals here that probably they will try to get as many vaccinated as possible as most will go for that option because it's the easy thing to do (and free, while a lot of the locals are not wealthy at all). And I think that may be true. Time will tell..Have a lovely weekend xxx