Dr. Erickson briefing about covid-19 ! - [Deleted so many times by Youtube !]

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It's an other censored video in the web. Deleted many times by youtube !

I'm learning about the coronavirus for months since it apeared in China. I wanted to know what will happen to the world. Now they are telling us that Russia (the country I've been living in for more than 10 years and got married here and have a little child) is the in the second place among the numbers of infected people in the country.

We are forced to wear masks and golves by paying fines if we will not wear that. Some in the capital are thinking to make people pay fines for not giving their blood to be tested. People are afraid. The panic is growing bigger and bigger. And the funny thing is that some of other countries want Russia to have more numbers to make their citizens fear more. I mean even with the numbers we have now, we have a hard situation in the country. That's why I want to share everywhere I can about all the truth I find about ''the virus.'' (The virus I'm not sure that could make this pandemic.)

I'm glad I'm finding more and more people sharing the truth. The truth about Bill Gates and hive foundation. The truth about doctors who are lying. The truth about world health organization.

They seems want to vaccinate everyone to control the population. They are investing in artificial intelligence and genetics billions of dollars while some people lost their work and barely can find what to eat. Eventhough in such situation people are forced to buy those masks that are not helping against the virus ( because only respirator can help with the filter ) and may cause more harm to the health ( because we'll have to breath owr own co2 ) and golves that make hands sweating all the day. ( that may cause eczema or other skin diseases. ). That all can cause psychological problems to a big part of the population.

That's why I will share all censored videos about this topic that are not in the platform to make more people in this world see the truth. I tried to connect those people to ask permissions from them, but sometimes it's really hard to find the author because the video is being deleted from so many channels and people to share the truth are just uploading it again with renaming it again and again to make people see it.

But here in @threepspeak the video will never be censored and it even may bring attention to hive blockchain because people want to find the truth. And just by typing Dr. Erickson they may find it here and join us to share their truth here !

I think humanity will fight those charlatans and most of them will be punished because of the crimes they are committing againt us !

Please always share the truth, that may save lives in this hard time !

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Good work thanks👍

It was a great and highly criticized video. I don't know why this video was banned by YouTube given the nature of the conversation here. I don't feel they were putting out some conspiracy theory rhetoric. It appeared that they were just sharing their experience.