Indirect censorship

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In this video I talked about a very interesting indirect censorship.

I don't know about other countries, but in Russia if we don't wear masks, we will have to pay fines for that. It could be about $100 or more depending on how the policeman decide. I think that's a lot. People now are afraid more of paying those fines then the virus.

Even if you read about masks, you will find that those mask will not help anyone to not get infected. The only thing that may help is a respirator. So, that may only protect others from sick people. Most people who are forsed to wear masks are healthy. The same about putting helathy people in quarantine what never happened in the history !

So, I'm thinking now. We knew before that China are strict with their citizens. They were forced as well to wear masks. Now the same is happenig in most of the countries. I'm thinking, what if wearing masks is a kind of indirect censorship.

We all know about the censorship that's happening in youtube, tiktok and other platforms. The truth is always hidden.

When we wear masks, we kind of closing our mouths. That could be indirect censorship. Like telling all people in the world if it's forced by all countries : ''You don't have the right to say your opinion.''

I even found the definition of that :

Indirect censorship implies a new approach to freedom of expression where the state is no longer seen as the enemy. The response should be public policies that foster debate and increase the number of unheard voices, prioritizing freedom of expression.

It seems like they want to make censorship acceptable by the low.

I'm glad that we have so many people in the world spreading the truth anyway !

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