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RE: Crowdin Introduction during my Contribution to the Ecency Translate [PERSONAL EXPERIENCE]

in Universo Binario3 months ago

That's very educative


Thank you, I enjoy because this is a goal of the project

Oh okay. Wish you all the best with the project .

Can I follow you

Yes, you're welcome :D

I saw you are new on the Hive Chain. If I can, I recommend you to create a post with the #introduceyourself tag as the first tag in which you talk about and present yourself.
There are several good services for the new entry on the Hive Chain that seeing on this tag and can explain to you better their services.

One more thing: if you are photography interested or a guy with an interest in "for fun" contests, you can visit the #photochain tag and my Photochain posts. You can find them on my blog.

I wish you starting in a good way the new year. Greeting from Italy :)

Thank you very much David. I really appreciate your concern on helping me out. God bless you a lot