A New Home for this Drosera

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Carnivorous plants have been an obsession of mine for well over a year now.

Drosera is a kind that produces a honey like substance on it leaves, which bugs like to land on and then get drunk on until they are absorbed by the plant. The one you are looking it is a baby that I propagated from the mother plant some time ago.

I took branches from the original plant and then kept them in an incubator until they sprouted little plants, then I raised the babies and put them on consignment in plant stores.

This plant was totally clean when I dropped it off a month ago. It was also half the size! I walked past the store with my son yesterday and snapped a picture of my Drosera Capensis and, as you can see, the store has a problem with bugs but these plants help with those kinds of problems.

All the leaves are filled with bugs except the top one which is brand new and the baby leaf which is still unfurling.


Today I stopped in to drop off a new pinguicula at the same store and noticed that the Drosera was gone. Sold to an interested party who loved the way the leaves glisten in the sun. The owner happily paid me my half and I was on my way.
I have several more plants that would love to spend a week at that shop!

It's like an all-you-can-eat bug buffet.

My last apartment was a little like that too, which is what got me started with 'bug eating plants' in the first place. Now raising these plants is more than just a hobby. Profit makes it even more worth while.



I have some plants, that I take good care of it and at the same time I relax when I am watering it.

Woe that is insane! Ive always wanted to get something similar to a fly trap for the house. With you could grow those outside here. I bet they would be greay for bugs.

This plant is ideal for the winter season, many insects usually arrive here

Thanks friend @sponge-bob .