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Hello friends hope you will be fine and blessed with good health i am here to share some the amazing tool that i found after a long time through which you can easily multiply your vote for different tribes like leo, pal,neoxag and other tribes tokens etc.


How to check your voting power for tribe

Well in the photo you can see the username you need to change it with your own username then in the token box select your desired tribe token like leo and submit this will show you the current voting power of your tribe tokens. In the above image you can check the voting power which is 35 and then token name is PAL it means that my current pal voting power is 35.



Lots of people have created alt accounts for the specific tribe from which they are curating post on different tribes but what if you don't want use another account for tribes and use your own hive power to vote with different percentage on tribe and 1 or 2% on hive then here you can use this tool to multiply your vote that will be maximum for the tribe token and minimum on hive means that your hive voting power will not be drained.

You can set your voting weight in the next portion that i already mentioned with red rectangle so you need to put your username and select the token that you want and then put the percentage like from 5 to 10 and click on send.

So this will save your hive voting power and your hive power because if you want to create another account you need to delegate some hive power to that account for upvoting so try this tool may be you also knows about this tool.

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Talk about timing. Although you posted before me I only read yours after I finish posting mine. Hint go to and sign in with your hive account with keychain. Once in click on the rewards and basically you see all your second layer tokens and can adjust each token multiplier you see fit. Exactly what you found in link of your post except I feel has a better interface. Cheers!

Thank you for telling me about this one before i did not heard about this tool