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Greeting Splinterland warriors!

I hope you will be fine and blessed today i am here again with another post of splinterlands in which i am going to share the quest rewards of today along with a common life card the chain spinner.


Chain Spinners of the Order never show their faces. They were only recently released from Cloudgard Castle, where they were specially trained to hunt down and bring to justice all members of the rebellious sect known as Peacebringers. Their chains, which were ordained as a sacred weapon by the words of a High Priest’s recent vision, represent the wrath of Khymia when her people have failed her for too long.Read more

Seems a good common life monster with void armor ability which means that even the magic attack monsters need to hit the armor before reducing its life so its a good shield for your other friendly monsters. However, yesterday i made it level 3 where the one armor of this got increased from 3 to 4 which is also good and soon will make it further upgrade to get the benefit from this card while using in my battles.



Well, there is only one ability in this card which is the void armor that i already explained but if you see the life and mana cap of this monster along with speed which is also not bad at all and especially the armor that can be increased up to 10 and when you use it in the armor ruleset where it will get two armor extra from the ruleset and also when you a protection card then may be the armor will goes to 14 which would be really cool to use it against the magic monster and repair ability would be awesome also.



Well, the new season has been started and almost 4 days are gone in this league so better to jump from gold 3 league to gold that i reached yesterday and soon will make it more this time atleast will touch the diamond 2 league. However, i will get 26 loot chest for this season if i stop playing for this season today but i will play everyday so this is not the end soon i will be in diamond 2 or 1.



Here is the quest rewards of yesterday that i claimed after completing the death quest for yesterday and claimed these rewards with gold 2 league in which i got 3 common cards including 2 sand worm and one chain spinner that i upgraded to level 3 yesterday but i did not shared it to you guys because of the weekly battle challenge. Also, i got some dec tokens like round about 60 and two potion charges.



Well, it was a quest again with the death splinter so i used the mimosa night shade in lots of battles today that gave me benefit of completing the quest easily with high mana and also completed the quest again in gold 2 league and got these rewards for today including one wave runner only and few dec along with potion charges the worst quest rewards for today.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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