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Greeting Splinterland warriors!

How are you all i hope you will be fine and blessed today i am here with another card from the water family that i got from today's quest and owned this card for the first time.


The mysterious clan who call themselves Axemasters are perhaps the most peculiar group of people in the whole of ΛZMΛRÉ. They live under the moist ground in cave dwellings in the eastern thickets of the great Jungle, somewhere between the Palace of Eld and the treacherous tree known as Sligbough OakRead more

Today's quest rewards were better than the season end reward because of getting a new Epic card AXEMASTER from the Water family. To be honest i was not aware of this card even did not heard about this card from the splinterlands but today when i got it from the quest i asked from my brother that do you have this card ? or do you know about this card belongs to the water family he said no so i told him that i think this will be from the new reward card but we don't know about this one. Just checked this card with abilities which are just awesome and the most liking ability from this card is double strike even with level 1 you can get the double strike ability with two range attack means that it will reduce 4 life from the enemy when attackinig twice on that monster sounds good.



The price of this card is round about $1.2 in the market because the rarity of this card is epic which is a little bit expensive as compared to rare and common monsters but this one seems more expensive as compared to mitica headhunter just because of its double strike ability. However, i will hold it for battles and will buy some later to upgrade it to level 4 to unlock the close range attack. Also, because of hive jump the market of tribes token down even leo tokens fall back to 1.7 hive or something else along with the dec tokens and two days before when i checked the hive-engine to sell my dec tokens i was expecting the price would be still 0.03 but it goes back to 0.019 so i did not sell my dec tokens below 0.03.



It was a quest with difficult splinter the death quest which i can not complete easily with low mana cap because in low mana cap i can not use the mimosa nightshade summoner and other summoners are at level 3 so can not beat the high level players but still completed the quest. However, these are the reward cards that i got from the quest rewards even i came back to gold 2 league and got these rewards inicluding one epic and one common card along with dec tokens and a single potion worth of 40 dec.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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