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Greeting Splinterland warriors!

How are you all i hope you will be fine and blessed today i am here with another card from the pack opening in gold foil edition a little Goblin Theif.


Thieving comes naturally to most Goblins, but they rarely steal from one another in the city of Gobson. Instead, Goblin Thieves travel the Splinter, patrolling highways and raiding caravans.Read more

Seems a clever and wise thied while carrying the lamp for stealing something but also looks a powerful common card in the earth family to kill the last enemy monster with its sneak ability and nice melee attack. Also, the mana of this card is 4 so you can easily use this in the little league ruleset to cover your lineup and fight against the last enemy monster to weaken the back line of your enemy team even in low mana battles.



Here you can see the market price of this card which is currently trading at $0.6 so still seems a good price like you can buy it with 1.5 hive or something or the burning value of this card is 500 dec tokens worth of 1 hive or less. However, all these are getting free from the quest rewards so no compliment on this. However, the dec price is rapidly down day by day so i think it is a good time to invest again in the dec tokens and also the price of hive is a bit high now a days so we can easily buy a bunch of dec tokens with less hive investment. By the way let's see whats happening next hope for the best, the abilities of this card is sneak and shatter so better to upgrade it to level 6 where you can unlock the shatter ability.



It was a quest with neutral splinter and it was easy to complete because you need to win only 3 battles without using the neutral monsters like chicken, goblin mech and lots of other neutral cards that you don't need to use it. However, the rewards are also good for today like getting a pack from the quest rewards is enough for you even if you get all potion charges in other loots chest the one pack is enough because the pack will give you 5 cards including one rare guaranteed so here you can see the rewards of today's quest.



Here is the result of today's pack opening in which i got one common gold that i already share above and also got one rare summoner of the dragon family from the untamed edition that i converted to level 2 and will upgrade it gradually. Also, got some other common cards from today's pack that you can see in the snap below.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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