My Commissioned Pencil Drawing

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Hi all!

Here is a recent portrait pencil drawing I did for a client. It's been a long time I drew with pencil but my client wanted a pencil work so I had to use that medium.


I didn't apply any charcoal pencil in this work. All were done with 2B, 4B and 8B Fiber-Castell graphite pencil and a 0.7 graphic pencil. The paper I used is a white needlepoint paper. The picture I receive was blurred. I had to struggle all through to complete it. Below are my steps:

Step 1:
Used 0.7 graphic pencil for my outline sketch of my model.

Step 2:
I started my shading with a 2B pencil then blended it with an earbud and applied 4B pencil to add shades. I was working from left to right.


Step 3:
I repeated the second step and applied 8B pencil in the areas that were more darker.

Step 4:
At this stage, I added all his facial features which brought out the resemblance. You can compare it with the reference photo there.

Step 5:
The next is to work on his sweater. I focused on the left side first and then worked to the right. At this stage, I sometimes go back to the face and worked it if I wasn't satified with some arears I did previously.

Step 6:
I used ruler to demarcate the model away from the empty portions and where the frame will be. Later, it was canvassed and framed.

The size of the work is 16 by 20 inches.


Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for the support. Really appreciate.

your precision is amazing

roughly how long did that take you to draw?

Hi buddy, thanks a lot.
I didn't actually count the hours. I worked from Tuesday to Friday though not all the time. Then, the next day, I framed it. It got delivered the following week.

Wow, that's awesome bro

Thanks bro. You know how it feels like doing something for someone and the person you did it for was pleased to see it.

Yea, the joy would be unique. You really did a great. One thing I love about your drawings is that you draw them with passion and that's what catches my heart. You are good at using both pens and pencils and that's amazing. Keep doing your great works bro

Thanks bro. My desire is to get better with every new piece.
I also make oil color paintings and wall designs but those are based on demand.

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Hi, thanks a lot for the support. Really appreciate.

nice drawing. can u draw for me?

Thank man. Oh yeah, I can draw for you.

My boss on this another banger. More achievement for you

Thanks bro. I hope to get more works and do better.

Alright bro

Won't you do an art work for your boy one day

Hopefully I will, by then you will have the money.🤗

No problem. And hope you won't charge ur boy too much