Lemon Drawing & Painting

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Hello Everyone,

I am continuing my fruit drawings today. Our fruit today is lemon. Valuable fruit that adds flavor to many dishes. Especially indispensable for salads.

This sour fruit grows on small lemon trees. It is a very important fruit for our health, especially in winter. A mixture of lemon, ginger and honey is very useful against colds.

First I drew the lemon drawing with a pencil. then I painted it with yellow, orange, brown, green and black crayons. I hope you will like it.

Drawing Stages:







Hope to see you again in other drawings. I wish you all healthy and happy days. Goodbye.

CamScanner 05-27-2020 11.16.21.jpg



guao esta genial tu dibujo se ve muy realista.

Thank you very much @elvlogdedany. You are very kind.

Wow, this is so lovely. It seems you love drawing fruits a lot.

Thank you very much @zellypearl. I am glad you like it.🌸
I love all kinds of drawings. Nowadays I am obsessed with fruit drawings :)

Yeah, I noticed. I went through your blog a little after commenting.
Really beautiful works you have there.
Keep it up

Yes, sometimes on black notebook, sometimes human portrait, sometimes animal drawings...
Thank you very much for visiting my blog.

Yes, I noticed the human portraits. Quite a lot and very impressive.
You are welcome