Animal Drawing [38] - Eagle

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Hello Guys,

Today I tried drawing an eagle head in my black notebook. It is good for me to paint after the intensity I experience all day long.

I took my little daughter to the park today. It's been a long time since I took my daughter out. I was just taking it to the grocery store sometimes. It was very good for my daughter to go to the park today. She was very happy.

Yes, eagles. I think we wouldn't be wrong to say that the sky is the ruler for eagles. It is a bird with incredible eyesight that can even handle prey larger than itself. They also have charismatic and impressive looks. I hope you will like it.

Drawing Stages:





Hope to see you in another drawing. I wish you all healthy days. Goodbye.

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amazing art friend

Thank you very much my friend. I am glad you like it.:)

Great work, I would like to learn to draw like this, it's a good hobby to relax.

I think the formula for this is to practice often. I'm still trying to improve myself.

I am very glad you like it. Thank you very much for your attention and support @cryptoxicate. :)