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Hello Hivers, today was a good day for me to make my mom feel special so I thought of making something special for her. Her name is Agatha. I tried to sketch something down today and her name popped up.

This was the rough sketch I did on a small sheet of paper.


Later I decided to work on it more so I had to resketch it on a large paper.

After having a good sketch I tried to add some finishing touches to it with my ball pen.

I went to her shop to surprise her with the sketch and she felt soo happy

I took a selfie picture with her to show her how much I love her.

I wish I was good in art like I would have done more. haha

image0 1.png




Aww, what a lovely gesture! You did good with the drawing. I'm sure your mom must be proud of you. Happy birthday to your mom! 🥂🎂

Awww thank you.

This is very impressive and I believe that she will be proud of what you did and she would remember it because this will be carved into her memory for a very long time.

You also did a very nice job in drawing that. You may not be an expert but the work is perfect.

My Regards To Her

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This is a very nice drawing my friend. I believe your mom would really appreciate this that you have done for her.

Moreover, I would love to be seeing more of your arts. You got a lot of potential.

Aww thank you very much. I will try my best to make another art😊😊