First marker drawing this year)

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First marker drawing this year)

Spring has inspired this art.

I haven't drawn with markers for a long time. It was very pleasant to draw. I think I will draw more often with markers. Long breaks with material are not good.

Before, I often drew art with markers, often bought myself new markers, so I gathered a lot, only I gave up drawing with this material. In general, there was little time to paint for myself, I often painted to order.

Now I have more time and I will alternate with digital art and sketches.


I see big downvotes from adm on your posts.
Don't know what's the reason.

Well, you need to ask that from the guy downvoting you.

He does not answer, look how many times they wrote to him.
But I'll ask thanks.

You welcome.
It feels uneasy when you are downvoted without any prior notice or anything else.

Hello. I would like to know that too.

Wow the finished work is beautiful 😍

Thank you

You are welcome