time traveler: the founder

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greetings to all of this community

Today I bring an illustration that at first was going to be a little different but on the way I changed it a bit, which is a traveler in time


This job is a bit like typical indie game characters, but at first the character was going to be a Russian, but in the process I changed him a bit to a soldier from the colonial United States.

In the show the soldier which I call THE FOUNDER based on the founding fathers of the United States, killing a time parasite, beings similar to zombies / mutants but capable of passing to different times in the human timeline and causing disasters, EL FOUNDER is one of the natural time travelers, that is, they are not soldiers who implement some technological or magical object that makes them move in time, and they know him by this name since he was the creator of the organization time, order and plans ( TOP)

now the illustration process






Well, that's how I end this illustration with which I agree, soon more following this of travelers in time


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It's like from Tarantino movie :)

jaja yeah