hive helps me make new friends/ portrait study

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When I joined in hive, I first met some people. This is one of the friends is @delilhavores
She is an active member of the Discoveryit community.
When I was new.I didn't know much about hive. She helps me to know about it. Through this I got to know him.My paintings are shared with him at different times and she likes it.
It's a small gift from me for him.


software: clip studio paint
size : 1700x2000
I do the work by dividing it into three layers.




you can find me on others sites


Aww thank you!! So cute 😊😊

!discovery 35

Da appendere in camera, è fatto benissimo! :)

Vero vero! :)

you are welcome @delilhavores.

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