Digital art Big moon imagination.

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Hi nerday-community artists and geeky post lover's

I just @created this imagination with Autodesk Sketchbook app
Hope you will love and appreciate



ADdPNihJzmPaYV4kTz4GCveAWxV8mUAgE6jg7PzdvQBoGn97TMw5Brrk4fvb4fCdcRg295wha8A9CozxCdD8sJB98 1.jpeg

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And how do you manage to draw in digital. very cool.

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This is wonderful digital creation @adikhen

Thnk you

Oh my! Another wonderful piece from you. So lovely!

Thnks for your love.
Love u too

wow such an amazing art work of yours

woow how beautiful is your art digital

Thnks dear @elvlogdedany

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This is so beautiful and the colours are so calming

Thnks for your love it's my mother choice