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After a very successful "Crafting 4 Christmas" series, I paused the tutorials for a bit to focus on other things. Now it's time to start sharing cool diy crafting tutorials again and I'm going to continue under the name "Wise Tutorials". Soon I will also share the crafts on my website, which I've already registered. I'm working on a logo first, so until then, you can find the tutorials on Hive only.

This craft is suitable to do with toddlers. I have taken the cutting part upon me while my toddler was helping to glue the parts together. Don't mind the glue residue you see on the pictures, this was inevitable with my daughter's glue hands :)

This is what you need

  • A4 Sized black paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • 3 Small strips of black paper
  • White paper strips for whiskers
  • Yellow paper for the eyes
  • Pink paper for the ears and nose

Step by step tutorial

wise tutorials  cat craft.png

Cut a strip from the black paper, the bigger part will be the body of the cat, the smaller part is meant for the head. Also cut white strips for the whiskers. I ended up using only one of these (cut in half) because these were too big for the head. The smaller black strips are going to be used for the 2 feet and tail of the cat.

wise tutorials  cat craft 1.png

Fold the big black paper as displayed above, and glue it together. Make sure it sticks and then cut off the bottom part so it won't fall down.

wise tutorials  cat craft 2.png

I cut the parts needed for the head of the cat. A small pink rectangle for the nose, 2 yellow parts for the eyes and two small black strips for the eyes as well. Then I also cut out the ears (black and pink).

Fold the black strip meant for the head and glue it together as a cilinder. Now cut as shown in the image so that you can put the body and head together.

wise tutorials  cat craft 3.png

Add some glue on the cutted parts of the head and gently place it on top of the body. Hold for a minute or so, and then it should be stuck to the lower part. Now cut out the eyes so that they fit the cat's head (mine needed some trimming) and glue these on the head.. Add the whiskers in the desired size.

wise tutorials  cat craft 4.png

Now we need to glue the ears and attach them to the cat.


There you go! Now we are only missing 2 things: the tail and the feet. You can use the small black paper strips to cut out feet and a tail. Just fold over a small edge and add some glue on the edge. You can now easily glue them on the body of the cat.

wise tutorials  cat craft 5.png

That's it!

The end result

Black Cat Craft  The end result.jpg

How do you like the cat? Quite funny, right?


This cat can be made in all kinds of sizes and colors and is an easy and fun craft to do with toddlers. My daughter is very proud of it. I hope you enjoyed this very first Wise Tutorial.

Thanks for visiting and comments are always appreciated!


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