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RE: Netted Hoop Row Built to Protect the Garden Box from Pests

in Build-It6 months ago

I've had problems with snails in my garden nowadays especially that rainy season is here. Even frogs love to wallow beside my strawberries and my violets that it destroys the new siblings. Thanks for this idea. Makes sense.


You're welcome - Ah I forgot about snails, I have had to pick off quite a few of them in some of the gardens i've had. This setup has been as solid as when I put it together a few days ago - it's very windy here too, that ridge line rope really firms up the structure.

Well, it's an open area so see to it that your structures are well fixed to the ground. BTW, you have a wide greenery where you can do home gardening though I understand that you have four seasons there. Here, we can do farming for two seasons specifically in rice farming. Anyways, my next project will be canned gardening this time.