My DIY: Turning a Black Canister Into a Beautiful Organizer

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(Photo: That's my black canister with 'gems' attached and turned into a beautiful organizer.)


I planned to make an organizer because I couldn't sew due to long power outage and I didn't liked the remaining crochet thread for my new project. Well, in times like this, I only need to look around do some "hunting"!

I got this empty black canister. It's thick and perfect to be made into an multipurpose organizer.


I dug in my big Tupperware box to look for my 'jewels' safely hidden in my box for more than a decade!


I still have my textile glue which I used for the band uniforms before the lockdown. The tip has hardened so I only opened a small cut at the other end.


These synthetic gems were from my leatherette handbag which was already chipped. I cut the stones and the revets as well as the linings and zipper. I always do this before throwing things away: Save what can be recycled.


I wiped each piece because the back was already rusted due to long storage.


I glued the stones in alternate colors just like in its original set-up.


Then the rivets for finishing touches.


I placed it beside my sofa where I can easily store anything important. (I'm a forgetful person sometimes :)) Or it's a good storage for my favorite Lays potato chips!

This is all for now, thank you for dropping by my page.

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Oo sis. Magawan ng paraan kung ano meron ka sa paligid.