Building My Little Vegetable Garden



Have a beautiful weekend everyone! It's a cool day today so I went out to check my garden in my backyard. Well, I guess I still need to fence it to avoid the chickens from scratching with its chicks. After all, they're only looking for food. That's the cycle of life. Meanwhile, I visited my germination process. The seeds that I've soaked began to show life. Actually, this were the seeds given by our pastor and he himself didn't know what kind of seed it was so we waited until it has shown its leaves. He said that it some kind of a native Kangkong. My grandma called it Watercress in English. I've searched the Google and it says the same along with other terms such as Swamp Cabbage and River Spinach.


For the meantime, I planted it on a plastic bag until it's matured enough to be transferred on the ground though I planned to replant it on a wider pot instead of transferring it in the garden to avoid the slugs.


These are roots of the spring onion. When I prepare the spices, I don't cut it all to the roots. I cut it as shown on the photo, enough for it to grow again into another stem.


See, it has grown taller and now ready for replanting. Therefore, do not throw it because it will be of use later.


These are new sprouts of string beans. I will put it on the ground along with the plastic bag.


I only need to cut the base part to let the roots grow freely soon.


My potted bell pepper began to show buds as well.


Well, I only did put aside the seeds on the window sill after getting the pulp. Now, it had shown a healthy little harvest. I hope the won't take notice of them!

It is an advantage if you leave the seeds when you prepare your menu for the day instead of throwing them on the trash because you save your money on other things especially that we still don't know as to when this pandemic would end.

Thanking @Buildit for this awesome community. God bless us all.

Till then,




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