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RE: Netted Hoop Row Built to Protect the Garden Box from Pests

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Awesome to log in and to see this build! I reblogged it 👍 I want to do the same next year but as a green house with plastic. What country are you in?

edit: I see now your in canada!


Thanks - southern ontario canada... the earliest i can transplant without a covering is around may 24th (no more frost).. I do have a plastic sheeting that i'll be using at the end of this season, and the beginning of next season - right over top of the netting, now that i think of it, then i could leave the ends open during the day for ventilation. It should give the garden a couple extra months of growing season, a month head start at the beginning of the season, and an extra month of harvest at the end - and to keep the pests away. I've seen videos of people making larger green houses with the metal posts they have for chain link fences, any metal tubing would work I suppose, electrical conduit etc - a setup for bending it would be key.